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1stEdition, 1981 (10,000) 2nd Edition, 1984 112,000) 2nd Edition, reprinted1986(20,0001 2nd Edition , reprinted1990120 ,0001 2nd Edition, reprinted1994120,000) 3rd Edition, 1997 120 ,0001 3rdEdition, reprinted2000 120,000) 4th Edition, 2003 121,0001 4th Edition, Reprinted 2006 (21 ,000) 4th Edition , Reprinted 2009 (21 ,000)

Translated into French , German , Indonesian, Malay,Spanish and Bengali

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Sаrwщ Ghulam IslёJm lог Younger People -4th Edition

1. IslёJm -Juvenile Iilerature

1 . ntle 11. Muslim Educalional Trust 297 ВР161 .2

ISBN О 907261 40 Х

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Midland Regional Printers JubileeHouse NottinghamRoad , Baslord NottinghamNG7 7ВТ

Со ntents

Author's Preface 4
Parents and Children in Islam 5
Allah 6
Allah knows everything 10
Islam and Muslims 14
Caring for parents 16
Утап 19
Angels 21
Messengers of Allah 23
Books of Allah 28
Life after Death and the Оау of Judgement 30
The Оцг'бп 32
Prophet Мu/:юmmаd $ 35
Telling the Truth 44
Words and actions should Ье the same 46
Five Basic Duties of Islam 48
Shahadah 49
~alah 50




Four SOrahs of the Оцг'бп

Islamic Manners

Islamic Months

Author's Preface

1I is поl eosy 10 wrile booksoboul Islamlor youngerMuslim children. Despile ту топу

limilolionsin Ihe skills 01 IheEnglish longuogeondIheknowledge 01 Islam, I undertook

Ihis dounling losk in 1981, dependingsolely оп Ihe тегсу 01 ту Creolor, Alm ighty Allah.

' Islam юг Younger People ' was the oulcome 01 ту efforts . АI Ihal lime , Iherewerevery

lewbooksoboulIslamin English lorchildren betweenIheoges 01 sixond eleven. The

MuslimEducolionol Trusl pubIished twobooksin 1969 : Ihe Firsl Primer ond Ihe Second

Primer 01 Islam . These two bookswere loler pubIished Ьу Ihe Islamic Foundolion os The

Children 's Book 01 Islam, Рог! Опе ond Раг! Two .

Even IhoughIhe longuogehod Ьееп improved, Ihere orе slill words like'worthy ',

'obedience', ' subIime',ond ' mission'inIhesebookswhichyoungerchildren lounddifficull

10 underslond . 1lesled Ihesebooks оп ту own children 10 opprecioleIheir difficulty. I lell

Ihe needlor о booklor youngerMuslimswhichIheywould enjoyreodingondwouldn 'l

juslleel bored . The bookshould Ье colourful ondlookottrodiveinIheeyesofyounger

children . 1I isindeed уегу difficult 10 mokeobslrocllocls oboul Islamunder slondobIe ond

enjoyobIe foryoungerchildren . Опе hos 10 odjusl one'sIhinking 10 the level of о child 10

communicole successfully 10 children.Albomdulillah 1011proiseislor Allah) , ' Islamlor

YoungerPeople ' hosnow reoched ilsfourthedilionond sevenlhprinlrun. 1 42,000 copies

hove Ьееп prinledsolor in English . Ihis edilion , 1hoveIhoroughlyrevised Ihe book in

ilsconlenls, longuogeondpresenlolion . 1hove inlгoduced АroЫс wordsond lerminology .

1 от grolelul 10 Rojullslom АIi who hos illustroled the book . Моу Allohreword him .

The cruciol importonce 01 loying о solidloundolionin theminds 01 youngerchildren in

Ihe ir formoliveyeors соппоl Ье oversloled. This loundolionhelpsshopeIhe child's

personolity . Theknowledge oboulIslamIhol о childocquires coulddelermineIhe

direclion 01 Ihe child 's lulure ond сorеег .

It is heortening 10 noleIhol Iherehos Ьееп oppreciobIe progress in Ihe produclion 01 booksondoudio-visuol moleriolsloryoungerchildrenduringIhelosltwode codes .

There is slill о needfor тоге resources 01 Ihis 'уре. 'Islamlor Younger People ' inils revised lormwill , 1hope,inspireondmolivoleyoungerchildren 10 leornoboul Islamond pulilinlo proclice, insha 'Allah (ifAllahwills) . IhopeIhisbookwill c onlinue 10 receive Ihe support 01 Muslimporenls,leochers , booksellers ond, оЬоуе 011, Ihe youngerMuslim s lor whom I hovewrittenIhe book.

Mosl humbIy, 1beg ту MoslMercilulondKindCreolor, Almighty Allah, 10 оссерl ту effortsond gronl те pordon in Ihe Akhiroh . АтТп.

Shobon 1430 АН Augusl 2009 СЕ GhulamSarwar

Parents and Children

"Ве kind to your paгents and relatives, and to orphans and those in need; and speak nicely to people."

(AI-Qur'on, chapter2, verse 83)

"Your Lord has ordered that you worship попе but Him
and !show) kindness to your
whether either of them ог both of them attain old age in life,
never say to them "ugh!"
пог Ье harsh to them,

but speak to them kindly.

And serve them with tenderness and humility and say,
"Му Lord, have тегсу оп them,
just as they
caгed for те as а little child ."

(AI-Qur'on, chapter17, verses 23-24)

А тап asked Prophet Mubammad $ , Messenger of Allёlh!
Who deseгves the best саге from те?"
The Prophet $ said, "Youг mother." The тап asked,

"Who then?" The Prophet $ said, "Your mother ."
~ The тап asked yet again, "Who then?"
) ) Prophet Mubammad $ said, "Youг mother."
-- The тап asked опсе тоге, "Who then?"
The Prophet
$ then said, "Youг father."


Prophet Mubammad $ said, "No father сап give his child anything better than good manners ."

(At- Тirmidhi)

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