____________________________________________________ 5 ___________________________________ 5

Everything is from Allah ____________________________________________________________ 5 Time owns but we do not ____________________________________________________________ 7 How long have you remained?________________________________________________________ 8 Non-governance by time____________________________________________________________ 1 0 No time with Allah ________________________________________________________________ 1 2 Why a day? ______________________________________________________________________ 1 3

1 7

1 7 The meaning of life….and the meaning of death ________________________________________ 1 8 Since the creation of Adam _________________________________________________________ 2 1 Death to the disbeliever ____________________________________________________________ 2 2 The dead people hear ______________________________________________________________ 2 4 The disbelievers buried in graves ____________________________________________________ 2 5

2 7

2 7 The faith of Pharaoh and the torment awaiting him on the Day of Resurrection______________ 2 9 The body died yet psychic consciousness never dies _____________________________________ 3 0 When human free will ends _________________________________________________________ 3 1 The dying person feels and hears ____________________________________________________ 3 2 Great delights and supreme success __________________________________________________ 3 4 Insurmountable Torment___________________________________________________________ 3 5

3 7

3 7 When the earth and the universe are destroyed_________________________________________ 3 8 When the Trumpet is blown ________________________________________________________ 3 9 The sight…before the hearing _______________________________________________________ 4 0 How Al-Hashir will be like?_________________________________________________________ 4 1 Every man with his deeds___________________________________________________________ 4 2 The disbeliever and what shall he say? ________________________________________________ 4 3 When kinship disappears ___________________________________________________________ 4 3 People’s state shall differ ___________________________________________________________ 4 4 An angel charged with every soul ____________________________________________________ 4 5

4 7
4 7

Faces looking at their Lord _________________________________________________________ 5 1 How shall all of us see everything on the Day of Resurrection? ____________________________ 5 1 Disclosure of secrets _______________________________________________________________ 5 2 And Everything spoke!! ____________________________________________________________ 5 4 Stones rejoice in burning the sinners _________________________________________________ 5 5 Every human with the god he worshipped _____________________________________________ 5 5 Those who were worshipped…yet free from guilt _______________________________________ 5 6

5 8

5 8 Dragging out the disbelievers________________________________________________________ 5 9 The image of those who lie to themselves ______________________________________________ 6 0 What Satan shall say on the Day of Resurrection? ______________________________________ 6 The time Satan shall say the truth!! __________________________________________________ 6 Allah increases them in wrath and regret______________________________________________ 6 The image of the blind on the Day of Resurrection ______________________________________ 6 The wife that pushes her husband towards ill-gotten gains _______________________________ 6

Allah , al l praise an d glor y is t o Him , create d this universe an d appointe d fo r everything  a birt h an d a n end . The eart h has  a birt h an d a n end ; the su n has  a birt h an d a n en d an d similarl y everything i n the universe has  a birt h an d a n end . Alla h possesses a n ultimate infinite powe r i n His universe ; nothing is above o r beyon d His Will . This universe we live i n is create d b y means . Tha t is t o sa y tha t Allah , al l praise an d glor y is t o Him , has ordaine d tha t everything i n thi s worl d mus t be attaine d throug h mean s

The universe is buil t o f tw o elements : a n elemen t tha t reacts an d gives yo u withou t means : as the sun , the air , the rai n an d othe r things . An d anothe r tha t reacts throug h yo u ...i f yo u adopts the necessar y means create d b y Alla h i n the lan d i t wil l give you , an d i f yo u d o no t i t wil l no t give .

I f yo u cultivate the land , wate r it , so w the seeds therein , i t wil l give yo u abundan t fruits . Bu t i f yo u d o no t adop t the means , the lan d wil l give yo u nothing . Also , the riche s foun d withi n the mountains an d inside the earth , i f yo u d o no t dig the m ou t yo u wil l no t have them .

This worl d o f having throug h means is wha t we cal l “worldl y life” , whic h is the life create d b y Allah , be eve r glorie d His Majest y an d Might , throug h means . Whe n worldl y life terminates an d the Da y o f Resurrectio n comes , the time appointe d t o this worl d ends an d a ne w creatio n o f Alla h starts i n whic h everything is directl y fro m Allah , The Exalte d an d EverMajestic . I n Paradise once anything crosses you r min d yo u shal l fin d i t before you ; b y the Powe r o f Allah , al l praise an d glor y is t o Him , the means en d an d the bestowa l is directl y fro m The Originator .

Everythin g i s from Alla h

Moving fro m the worl d o f having throug h means t o tha t o f having everything directl y fro m Alla h is precede d b y wha t Allah , Blesse d an d Exalte d is He , calls “The Da y o f Resurrection” . O n tha t Da y the worl d o f means ends afte r i t has accomplishe d its missio n an d a ne w life , differen t

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