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Islam in Colombia
The Purpose of Life
Inna Lilahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon
Ask and He Gives
How I Embraced Islam
Three Special Individuals
Salaahtul Janazah - Shafi'i
Salaahtul Janazah - Hanafi
Learn to Perform and Correct Your Wudhu
How to Perform Salaatul Tasbeeh
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Asalamu Alaikum and Welcome
to the Islamic Bulletin!

Ramadan is a time when Allah's mercy is directed towards us in full measure. We are truly fortunate that Allah has really blessed us by allowing us to again witness this holy month of Ramadan. So let us pledge that this Ramadan will make up for all sins and shortcomings that have been committed since the previous Ramadan. Ramadan is the month that unites the Ummah, brings happiness and joy, excitement and relief! The month that Allah has chosen for us to get back on track, repent from our sins, replenish our record of good deeds and increase our Iman.

During the month of Ramadan, let us draw up a plan for the remainder of our life. Resolve that from this time we will become more regular with our salah than ever before. In addition, we should make a commitmet to be more regular with performing salah with jamat. Make it a firm intention!

Furthermore, Ramadan is the time of the year when we return to silent and verbal introspection and recharge our spiritual batteries, and make a firm resolution to take the advice and apply it to our lives. Only then will this Ramadan become a turning point in our lives and induce us to change. May Allah grant us the ability to appreciate this Ramadan. May He also bless us with many more Ramadans. We should not think, "Well, we can make the change next year." We should treat every Ramadan as if we do not know if we will ever be given another opportunity after this one.

It is not just a question of whether we will live until next Ramadan, but there is also the question of good health, or the prospect of some misfortune, etc. befalling us! Abu Huraira (R) reported the Prophet (SAW) saying, "The time between the five prayers, two consecutive Friday prayers, and two consecutive Ramadans are expiations for all that has happened during that period, provided that one has avoided the grave sins." [Muslim] So let us take full advantage of this beautiful opportunity that awaits us!

In this issue of the Islamic Bulletin, we have included all of the favorites and so much more. We especially hope you enjoy this issue's How I Embraced Islam –a 70-year-old grandmother's conversion to Islam. This issue's special delicacy to try out is a yummy dessert, Khameer , from Hadramout that we hope you will enjoy. And what better time to enjoy this dessert than during Ramadan!

Also included in this issue are great freebies for you to use in the years to come:

  • A prayer chart , Dua poster , learn to perform and correct your Wudhu , and other guides for children and adults such as the 25 Holy Prophets (peace be upon them) mentioned in the Holy Qur'an. Learn their names in Arabic, English, and Spanish. (Great way of educating others about Islam.)
  • How to Perform Salat Tasbeeh , is a prayer that we should pray at least once in our lifetimes, although we should make a regular habit of praying it as it is a prayer full of many virtues and benefits.
  • A guide to Salatul Janazah (in both the Shafi'i and Hanafi mathhab)--So the next time you will know how to follow the imam leading the prayer. Take the time to learn this prayer because one day others will be praying it for you.
  • The 11th edition of California Prayer Locations . We hope you enjoy and find our pull-out color center pages useful. The website version has Google maps and Google Earth which allows you to get driving directions to the mosque and be able to see the masjid. Remember to take the listing with you so you do not miss your prayers.

Happy Ramadan, Eid Mubarak and Happy Reading!!

- The Staff of The Islamic Bulletin

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